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The new revolutionary Snow Secure snow preserving product & concept will soon be available in the market.
The new website will be launched in December 2019.

Snow Secure Ltd focuses on strategic issues in snow related business. Our strength lies in interdisciplinary knowhow. 'Innovative' and 'pioneering' are words used by our clients in describing our service. We are passionate about skiing and snow sports. Challenge us with your snow related problems or dreams. Let us find innovative solutions for you. We operate in the global market.

Strategic Master Plans

Productive, Eco-friendly, Functional: these are our key words. We provide strategic plans. In most cases it is wisest to have detailed plans made by local architects and engineers. Snow Secure Ltd is happy to collaborate with local experts. As a result of our work, the customer receives from us a written report "Tentative Master Plan / Master Plan" complete with suggestions for operations.

Second Opinion

Our Second Opinion Service provides you with an analysis of your plans before they are implemented. Our expert analyses your plans and you will receive a written report with suggestions for improving risk management, avoiding unsuccessful investments and increasing your profits.

Indoor Snow

With our help, our customer Kymppiareena Ltd has succeeded in saving over 50 % of their annual energy consumption. This excellent result was reached without additional investments. At the same time we helped to improve the customer's indoor snow-making system. Presently, this system is making the cheapest indoor snow in the world.

Examples of the Ingenious Solutions of Snow Secure

  • Holiday Resort plans worth tens of millions of euros hanging in the balance
  • Over 50 % energy saved at an indoor ski arena
  • Summer skiing +20Co/sea level

Challenge us with your snow related problems or dreams

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Snow Secure Ltd

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Europen Union Regional Fund is funding Snow Secure Ltd´s Snow2 Development Project.

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