Examples of the Ingenious Solutions of Snow Secure

Holiday Resort plans worth tens of millions of euros hanging in the balance


Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the Ruka Holiday Resort in Finnish Lapland. The plans of the Ruka core area were renewed in order to enable the development of more hotels and shops into the holiday village. Soon a complaint was filed against the plans. The complaining party argued that the wastewater treatment plant was not efficient enough for the area considering the increase in the amount of visitors.

Snow Secure Solution:

We designed the first pilot project in Europe in which the cleaned wastewater was post-treated with snow cannons at the wastewater treatment plant with snow cannons.

Over 50 % energy saved at an indoor ski arena


High energy consumption ate up the profits of Kymppiareena indoor snow arena in Finland.

Snow Secure Solution:

We did not believe different experts who stated that there was nothing to be done about the energy consumption level of Kymppiareena. We designed a new concept, and today energy is saved over 50 % per year compared to the earlier consumption level, and the number of visitors is on the rise. This result was reached without additional investments. At the same time an expensive and ineffective snow-making system was replaced with a new, much more profitable and well-functioning system.

Summer skiing +20Co/sea level


It is very expensive for Finnish ski racers to go to train in the Alpine glaciers. How to make it possible to ski in Finland from May to mid June?

Snow Secure Solution:

Snow Secure CEO Mr Mikko Martikainen says, "I have had this vision and dream of summer skiing for twenty years. Many experts and also my friends told me that I was crazy, it is absolutely impossible to ski in Finland in June because of the warm summer temperatures.
Many thermodynamic calculations and tests were made during 2000-2002. Martikainen developed a concept of massive snow-making and a system for hardening wet snow in an ecologically sustainable way.

“I am very happy because now Finnish junior skiers can ski up to mid June at Ruka Ski Resort in Finland. I have also had the honour of launching the first Summer Ski Camp for juniors with my friends, the world class skiers Kalle Palander and Sami Uotila in 2002," says Martikainen.

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